Mix solution for sheet and roll: ACV models

The ACV is a universal thermoforming machine made to work in automatic cycle, for up draw and down draw mode with roll feeding. Also, it is having the versatility to work with thermoplastic sheet in manual cycle.

Built with an oversize steel welded structure, the AC series are having unique technical patented solutions to optimize with roll thickness of 3mm and sheet thickness up to 7 mm in automatic cycle.

The advantages

    • Easy tool change.
    • Easy adjustments of the web working area.
    • Easy adjustment of the stop position of the tool platen.
    • Trim separation by pneumatic shear.
    • Servo motor motorized index and programmable trim separation at the index return.
    • Shear with double blades for trimming the parts molded in down way.
    • Motorized plug assist stroke adjustment.
    • Heating uniformity from individual zoning ceramic elements with real-time diagnostic system.
    • Simple and easy operation controls and maintenance replicas relojes.


    Models 35 P 35 PN 70 P 70 PN
     Useful size (mm)  500x750  500x750  1000x700  1000x700
     Upper deep drawing (mm)  110  110  200  200
     Lower deep drawing (mm)  0  80  0  100
     Upper and Lower deep drawing with sheet (mm)  250  250  300  300


    *Working size and mold depth customized under request.