Elektra Series: RV4-M_RVE-M_PV4-M_PVE-M models

This automatic thermoforming machine model with only vacuum or vacuum and pressure is ideal for producing thermoformed parts in medium/big volumes . This use the advantage of electrical movements contained different and unique charateristics: it's the only machine with an universal stacker ,for example, that can work doing up or down stacking.

The advantages

  • Electrical system with servomotors: greater reliability, high productivity, constant speed, higher thermoformed,quality , adjustable depth mold..
  • Energy Saving up to 60%.
  • Forming Press 180° swingable for quick tool change.
  • Easy reversibility of vacuum/air pressure from the touch screen.
  • Toogle movements systems.
  • Upward and downward stacking all in one universal stacker.
  • Vacuum cups and additional module for difficult stacking parts.
  • Fast tool locks.

The features

  • Unwind auto-lifting roll trolley system for a quick and simple setup.
  • Film index with double pin chain driven by servomotor. Optional offset system option to work with printed film..
  • Preheat system that allow heating of the two lateral edges of the material to accommodate thicker and harder material production capabilities.
  • Double heating platen system with individual zone control, to control every part of the heating process.
  • Independents forming station table movements actuated by servomotors.
  • Plug assist or third motion system on both forming tables control individually by servomotors for a better material distribution.
  • Swingable forming station for quick mold change, easier and faster maintenance schedule or fix with 4 pillars
  • Four pillars trim press with tables driven by toggles and servomotors.
  • Up & down stacking from the same universal stacker. Output of products by driven conveyors. A & B stacking supplied on the standard stacker.
  • Optional vacuum cups robots modules for A & B stacking and pick up of difficult parts
  • Optional horizontal stacking module for lids and round parts that need to be inserted in bags.
  • Station positions controlled by actuators and encoders.
  • Scrap wrapping device with constant tension and safety clutch. Extraction is made by pneumatic system.
  • Optional inline grinding system.
  • Punching press can be supplied in all configurations, both inline for holes, slots or outside the product. Everything with integrated stacking vertical or horizontal.
  • Optional preheating roller module for material like polypropylene.
  • Optional inline extruder to feed directly the thermoformer.
  • Optional labelling machine for any type of label with adhesive or paper.
  • All adjustments are made from the touch screen for easier and faster parameters change.
  • Color touch screen to make parameter adjustment and supervise the thermoforming process.
  • Recipe memory system to do faster tool changeover. Recall or save parameters in a matter of a few seconds.
  • Compact flash card memory backup.
  • Internet ready to allow OMG technicians to diagnose or supervise any aspect of the system.


Models  16  18  24  33  42  52  52B  58  58B  64  72  72B
 Max  working size (width*index) (mm)*  400x400  500x350  600x400  600x550  650x650  800x650  650x800  900x650  650x900  800x800  900x800  800x900
 Max  lower strokes tables (mm)*  120  120  120  120  150  150  150  150  150  150  150  150
 Max  upper strokes tables (mm)*  120  120  120  120  150  150  150  150  150  150  150  150

*Working size and depth customized under request.